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Android SMS to Desktop note  


- What is the difference between the standard/full version and the trial version of this app ?

"SMS to Desktop note" has been released in two versions :
  • a free trial version, with full functionalities enabled, but where note texts are limited to 17 characters.
  • a paid version, with no limitations or ads. It's the best version to enjoy fully the app ! ;-)
Do not hesitate to try first the free version, before purchasing the full version !

- (Trial version only) What is this "Privacy Policy & Advertising Terms" pop-up dialog box (in english language) which appears at the start of the app ? What is "Airpush" ?

Airpush is the ads provider I use only for the free trial version of this app. Since August 2014, Airpush has now to conform to the new strict Google policy concerning the ads management in Android apps and devices ("Advertising ID" -> more on this here : The pop-up explains precisely how the ads work and your consent is needed to display them in the app. If you validate "Ok" in the pop-up, you authorize the ad to be displayed as usual by opting in (then, you will not be bothered again). If you tap "Cancel", you opt out and the ads will not be displayed for this session of use for the app, but the dialog box will appear again next time (I can't do nothing about it, but I suppose you can change your advertising parameters in your device to take care about that...).
To conclude on this subject, keep in mind that Ad banners help me on my trial and free apps, and that there aren't very intrusive as there are only banners, so do not hesitate to tap "Ok" on the dialog box ! ;-)

- Why don't I see the app icon in the apps screen of my phone after installing it ?

That's because "SMS to Desktop note" is a Android widget and not a conventional Android app. You have to put at least one copy of the widget on your phone home screen to use it. Please read the beginning of the tutorial here for more instructions

- The buttons on widgets (delete button and/or eye pin) aren't responding. Why ?

It probably comes from your phone screen sensibility. Phones react indeed differently depending on their touch screen sensibility (I've seen directly impressive differences of sensibilities in the Samsung range of products, for example) and, pressing either images, maybe you will feel difficult to activate the delete and/or fullscreen options if the image size is too small (the input screen can even appear in place of the fullscreen screen because the input screen is the screen you obtain by default if you touch in any other place in the note widget - the delete button excepted -).
The solution is to makes one of the images -or both - bigger on the widgets using the dedicated options in settings. This way, the touch screen sensibility will not need to be very accurate.

- Why does a Dropbox web page stay opened on a internet browser window, on my device, after authentication to Dropbox through the app ? I clicked on the confirmation button to authenticate to Dropbox, so the window should close ! (version 1.0.16 and above)

If you experience this situation, it probably comes from the fact you don't have the Dropbox client installed on your Android device. For a smoother experience using the Dropbox export functions of SmstoDesktopNotes, we advise you to install the Dropbox Android client app on your device, if you haven't done it already. Without it, Dropbox relies instead on a web page for authentication and, due to an imperfect design by their dev team on this web page, the browser window stays opened after authentication, so you would have to manually close it with your "back" button each time... Since this window is launched externally by the Dropbox librairies, we can't do nothing about it.

- What is exactly the option of "rotation control" in settings ? (version 1.0.14 and above)

On devices like tablets where the home screen can rotate, Android can be sometimes messy which the management of widgets display on rotation, especially for the ones put on desktop some times ago. This option at the end of settings ensures the display will stay correct in all rotation situations. It uses the accelerometer of your devices, but in a way that will consume very few energy from the battery, and following the Android advices about its best use. Tests have been done successfully on several battery testings apps (like GSam Battery), but if your phone screen doesn't rotate and, so, you don't want the app to use the accelerometer, you can simply uncheck the option on settings. Beware that on a device where the home screen can rotate, uncheck this option will sometimes open the door to display or tapping problems on some of the app's widgets.

- What this exclamation mark image which appeared on all my "SMS to Desktop note" widgets is about ?

It will only appear if someone sent you a note and you cannot see it (apart from a notification in your phone notification section) because no empty note widgets are available. In this situation, drop a new widget on your phone home screen desktop and the note will appear. When no incoming notes remain to be shown, the exclamation mark will disappear on all the notes.

- How can I move a note content from a small note to a larger note (for example : a 1 x 1 note to a 2 x 2 note) ?

On Android 4.x and versions above, moving the content may be not needed, as you can adapt the size of the widget by pressing on it a few seconds (without moving) : anchors will appears to allow you to resize the widget. BTW, on all Android versions, you can do the following trick in order to move the content to another note :
  • drop in the trash bin all empty widgets that you can find on your home screens
  • put a 2 x 2 note widget on your home screen
  • press the new widget and cancel the default input text dialog screen (you will find yourself in the empty main screen of the note)
  • press the "Menu" key on your phone and select "Notes history"
  • in the history list, find the note line which content must be copied and long press the line
  • choose the "duplicate to another note" option
  • exit all screens to return to your phone home screen : the new note is here. You can erase the old one to reuse it later, or put its widget to the trash bin.
  • put other empty widgets on the screen if needed

- When entering a note, I see a dialog box telling me about an internet check, or a licence check (on paid version). What is it about ?

Your phone needs periodically to have an active internet connection to check for the "SMS for Desktop note" app validity. If you downloaded the trial version or everything should be right because you obtained the paid version of the app through Google Play, the problem could come from only the lack of an active internet connection for some time, or the lack of use of the app when your phone was connected to the internet the last time.
To solve this problem : try to connect first to the internet using your standard connection or at least a Wifi connection, and press then one note widget : the message should disappear when you enter in the app main screen.

- (Trial version only) When entering a note, I see a dialog box telling me my app is about to become, or has become, invalid. What is it about ?

The trial version of "SMS for Desktop note" has a validity which is limited in time (a specific date for all users) that will ensures you the best experience with the trial version support. The current validity date is indicated in the app place on Google Play, but if the validity date is going to expires in a few days, a small message in the app main screen will tell you about it. If the validity date is expired, you will receive a message in the app main screen and you cannot use the app again without upgrading it first. Upgrading the trial version is a simple operation as you need only to download an upgrade using the Google Play app upgrade window on your phone. It's a free operation and you will keep your notes data.

- What is the release timing of for each of the "SMS to Desktop note" apps ?

I plan to do frequent upgrades. As the two apps share the same set of functionalities, you will always see a release of the paid version coming with a release of the trial version, and vice-versa.

- How can I differentiate the paid version from the trial version ?

There are several ways. The trial version has an ad banner at the bottom of the main screen (the one dedicated to note modification), and also a "trial" ribbon on its icon, icon which can be seen in several Android screen of your phone (the screen dedicated to the apps management, for example). You can also always differenciate a note between one of the other version going into the note, and push the Menu button of your phone to go in the app setting : the version will appear at the very end of settings.

Release history

- Several small bugs fixes (on very specific Android versions).
- Several small bugs fixes (on very specific Android versions).
- Several small bugs fixes (on very specific Android versions).
- Website URL fix. Several small bugs fixes (on very specific Android versions).
- Privacy Policy added. Several small bugs fixes (on very specific Android versions).
- By user request : with the gradual disparition of the menu button on new Android devices, an Android three bars options icon has been added at the upper right side of the main screen, in order to offer a convenient way to access Settings and History screens.
- When a reminder is activated, the immediate deletion of a note, by the user, is now fully supported.
- A new option has been added in the "Reminders" section : it allows you to shift in time a reminder, retaining its others characterics (recurrence, automatic delete). This feature will pave way for new functionnalities in the future.
- By user request : a optional technical log (disabled by default) has been added in settings. Several bugs fixes too, like a random bug on reminders (sometimes one reminder could fire in loop on some devices).
- By user request : export of notes to Excel xlsx format has been added. Polish and Dutch language added. Several small bugs fixes too.
- By user request : an new option has been added to change the background color of a note when a reminder fires. Several small bugs fixes too.
- By user request : an Action button has been added for copy the note's text content into the clipboard.
- By Google request, switch to the Advertising ID system for the Ad banners : you can now opt out for the Airpush ads when the app launchs. By user request : an Action button has been added to search a note content on Google. An Android upgrade was done in this version too.
- An new option was added to define the default background color for a typed note (it was always the blue color in the previous versions). Two new options can now be defined to leave quickly the note configuration screen if only the reminder screen and/or the customization screen were used (no changes happened on text zones, so no need to revalidate now in this case). Several small bugs fixes.
- Several small bugs fixes (a tricky one : some notes with non-alphanumeric characters couldn't be uploaded to Dropbox).
- Several small bugs fixes.
- Several small bugs fixes (especially on Dropbox access). Change of ads provider from Admob to Airpush.
- Dropbox support added ! (for each note and/or export data file). Several small bugs corrected.
- SMS size check added. Shorter delays for repetitive reminder added. Several small bugs corrected.
- App now available for tablet devices (screen rotation managed) on Google Play. Alternate display for memo field (if used) in fullscreen mode. Several small bugs corrected. Italian language added. Several upgrades on trial version conditions.
- "On the fly" phone numbers field for SMS sending available. Optional protection password for notes history. German language added.
- Option added to disable the standard code (@dn@) to ensure privacy. Portugueuse language added.
- One other window display bug fixed.
- Screens rotation added. Several window display bugs fixed. Custom delay for quick remider buttons. Extended tests on several devices.
- Minor adjustments on initial release on Google Play.
- Initial release on Google Play.